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1. Yahoo! Japan Auction Bidding

What is Yahoo! Japan, bidding conditions, how to bid, how to shop, seller communication, finding items, etc.


2. How does Mogan Shopping Work

How we operate, register and sign up, validation email, when to place deposits, auto-system checkout, why Mogan Shopping.


3. Payment

Account monitoring and management, payment options, statements, details, status, currency rates.


4. Bidding

Sellers, using Yahoo! Japan directly, bidding conditions, what happens if I won or outbid, retractions, how to monitor my bid.


5. Shipping & Handling

Duration, restrictions, weight and size, repackaging, tracking, shipping methods, customs, delivery address etc.


6. Shopping

How we buy items for you, additional fees, required deposit amount, asking if certain items are in/out of stock, item weight, international delivery.


7. Refund

Refunds on damaged, flawed items, incorrect description, misunderstandings on purchases, refund processing duration, refund into a different account.


8. Prohibited Items

What happens if I bid or buy a restricted item, mobile phones, cameras, toy guns, restrictions by country, volume, weight etc.



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